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Fox Float X2 and DHX2 Base Valve Piston Kit

Fox Float X2 and DHX2 Base Valve Piston Kit

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The idea behind the base valve piston is to increase the piston port size to allow a greater amount of oil flow through the high speed circuit, on compression and rebound. On the Factory shocks there is a very stiff high speed compression spring inside the adjuster. Combined with our tuning and piston, the HSC spring can more easily compress which will alleviate harshness and add compliance over rough terrain. The base valve piston keeps the same range of adjustment where as changing out the HSC spring to a softer rate will decrease compression range. The kit comes with a new check shim and adjuster shims. Our piston will work with any shock tune. 

You will need the fox adjuster pin tool for installation and general hand tools. Bleeding the shock is required for re-assembly 

Will fit models 2021-current float x2 and dhx2 shocks.


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